Convergence API

Making Critical HIE Patient Data Readily Accessible to Clinicians

Today’s healthcare environment is often ultra-busy and replete with innumerable data silos. These factors can make it very difficult for clinicians to find and access patient healthcare data, including information that could be critical to making safe and healthy decisions for patients. When pivotal patient data ends up essentially hidden from clinicians, it can have serious adverse effects on patient care.

CliniCentric’s Convergence API was designed specifically to highlight, and make clinically accessible, critical HIE information about a patient.

  • The API supports the receipt, normalization, cataloguing, enrichment, and scoring of HL7 ORU (or other) healthcare data.
  • The API also supports HL7 ADT triggers that result in automated query and return of Convergence scores to act as a clinical awareness trigger.
  • Once providers are made aware of the availability of potentially critical or pivotal HIE data, the API supports one-click access to a highly formatted and usable report.

The Convergence API has been designed to allow for multiple datatypes to support clinical viewpoints along the ordinances of radiology, laboratory, medical documents, visits (ADT), and other data.  For an example of how powerful the Convergence API can be in clinical workflow, see RadsCheck below.

Rads Check

Improving Patient Safety with Patented Radiology Risk Scores

Radiology is a good thing…but sometimes it’s too much of a good thing. Radiology is not only one of the mostly costly service lines in healthcare, but it also often involves the use of radiation that in large doses can actually harm a patient.

RadsCheck was conceived and implemented to help providers better understand a patient’s historical radiologic record and incorporate that knowledge into better imaging decisions. Based on the Convergence API, RadsCheck aggregates, normalizes, enriches, and ultimately scores a patient’s radiology ORU result history from an HIE’s member institutions.

Using an ADT trigger, a Rads Score is automatically sent within seconds for every patient who registers for treatment at a hospital and is automatically displayed in the patient’s EHR header.

Providers view the Rads Score while familiarizing themselves with the patient record and can access the Rads Report with a single-click from the EHR. The Rads Report was designed to provide a near instantaneous global view of a patient’s radiology history and allow for one-click study finding.

Ascendence CDR and the PCDR

Instant, Comprehensive HIE Patient Data, Viewable on a Single Page

Expanding on our work from RadsCheck, the Ascendence CDR and accompanying Patient Centered Data Report (PCDR) are ready to bring the same great in-workflow functionality and accessibility to all of a patient’s HIE data.

The Ascendence Clinical Data Repository (CDR), flips the current trend in healthcare data (more and more complexity) on its head. Cataloguing all of a patient’s HIE data into a handful of US Core FHIR categories allows for a rapid build, deployment, and ramp-up for HIE member institutions. 

The PCDR is just one example of how a simplified approach to healthcare data ontology (one that can be described on one page!) can support an amazingly powerful, and safe, presentation of a patient’s HIE record to clinicians.

In the PCDR, healthcare data is assigned to one of just 5 categories:

  • Visit
  • Document
  • Lab
  • Radiology
  • Other 

In our example PCDR report, an interactive graphical representation of the data allows for rapid perusal and immediate drill down. To let us show you how we can make your HIE data come alive, contact us today.


You can click to enlarge the image above to see a detailed view of an example PCDR. (Note: Name, date of birth, and other fields have been blocked out to ensure privacy.)

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