A Business and Technology Partner for HIEs

Our Work

Our work with HIEs centers around a low- to no-cost of entry model, with CliniCentric serving as a business and technology partner, rather than a vendor. We develop software, on our own or in collaboration, intended for in-workflow, real-time access by clinicians, powered by the immense data stores and data flow of our nation’s HIEs. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to make the HIE a routine and valuable part of patient care by curating, automating, and presenting relevant and actionable HIE data at the point and time of care on a patient-specific basis.


Our Vision

Our vision for HIEs in the United States includes:

  • A common set of APIs that allow for the seamless integration and deployment of HIE data across state lines
  • HIE data packaged in a recognizable and truly functional interface
  • HIE data being accessed with a single click through any EHR, Pharmacy Management Software, PACS, and other OEM level healthcare IT software solutions

    Our Process


    We license and install our pre-built software within the HIE infrastructure, usually at no cost, and configure it, test it, and ready it for deployment to the HIE’s customers. 


    We leverage the HIE’s existing HL7, VPN, MPI, and related infrastructure to ease the deployment and adoption burden for their member hospitals.


    When ready, the HIE adds the software service to its suite of available applications and services and CliniCentric supports the initial sales cycle to gain early adopters.


    We revenue share with the HIE to appropriately recapture development and deployment costs, and to fund ongoing support, upgrades, and R&D.

    Our process typically results in a greater revenue share for the HIE over time, and a greater revenue share when more HIEs join and offer the same service. 

    Learn More About Partnering with CliniCentric

    If you would like to learn more about working with CliniCentric, and how you can help make your HIE’s data a routine and valuable part of patient care, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.