Finally, Automated Exchange Can Be a Reality


RadsExchange is perhaps the ultimate example of how RadsMap can be used to enhance provider efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety, while at the same time reducing radiology overuse.

RadsExchange leverages a powerful algorithm made possible by RadsMap to easily and automatically identify off-site image files that are highly relevant to a local imaging procedure. When a file is deemed highly relevant, it can be automatically transferred without the need for human action

There is no disagreement in radiology that having access to relevant related prior studies is a requirement for good patient care.

Until now, finding and obtaining off-site relevant priors was done manually, using a patchwork of tools and software, and almost always required phone calls and coordination. For some institutions, this function equates to several full-time jobs.

CliniCentric is able to work with any institution, HIE, PACS company, etc. to bring this functionality into production. The transfer technology has been available for years, but the intelligence to automate it has been missing…until RadsMap.

Imagine being able to implement a rule as simple as this automatically and across your entire organization:

Where procedure X is being ordered locally, find all relevant related priors Y in the patient’s history.

If the most recent related prior is off-site

  • Create new procedure Z envelope locally in the PACS
  • Transfer off-site related procedure to Cloud
  • Download from Cloud into procedure Z envelope

“With the release of RadsMap, all the technology necessary for intelligent automated image exchange is available…the only hurdles to overcome lie in data governance and access.  Our nation’s HIEs are the perfect organizations to build and offer this technology…and we can help make it a reality much sooner than anyone thought possible.”

Dr. Jim Huizenga, CliniCentric President

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