CliniCentric is proud to announce that MedMapps, a Minnesota LLC with over a decade of specialization in radiologic ontology and radiology procedure mapping, has agreed to form a joint venture with CliniCentric to modernize and greatly expand the level of radiologic data services they offer.

RadsMap, the new and enhanced product offering, builds on a foundation of experience supporting some of the most influential players in the radiology space, including the American College of Radiology (ACR); Radiology Partners, the largest physician-owned and led practice in the U.S; and PACS manufacturers including Fuji, Philips, and others. 

The RadsMap product offering includes:

  • The RadsMap DB, a gold-standard radiology procedure database, replete with a broad range of procedure-specific clinical metadata.
  • A real-time mapping API that allows for any unstructured, locally named radiology procedure to be submitted and returned with a corresponding match to the RadsMap DB.
  • A radiologic data consulting and delivery service for specialized customer needs

With the new RadsMap product, institutions can significantly enhance their radiologic workflow and business practices.  A planned release in conjunction with numerous OEM manufacturers will dramatically ease installation and integration requirements for end users.  Highly specific and automated related procedures protocols, radiation dose estimates, configurable subspecialty routing, and semantic search functionality are included in the core RadsMap product offering, with expected significant increases in radiologist reading efficiency.

Additional data modules designed specifically to support business intelligence and research (including exacting work value units and CPT coding equivalents) will also be made available.

RadsMap is planned for release in Q3 2020.

CliniCentric is a physician-led software company with deep experience in developing software applications that clinicians across the healthcare spectrum use every day while they care for patients.  CliniCentric developed and deployed the RadsCheck application to help clinicians make better imaging choices and anticipates strong synergies between RadsCheck and RadsMap, as well as a host of other applications to support business intelligence, coding and billing, and data science and research.

MedMapps is the developer of RadMapps, a radiologic terminology mapping service that can unerringly normalize unstructured study descriptions and correlate them to its RadMaster standard. All studies across the radiologic spectrum are represented, each succinctly expressed in common, current radiologic parlance.  Led by the unusual combination of a reading radiologist with significant PACS knowledge, and one of the nation’s foremost Steinway grand piano experts (who is also a self-taught database programmer), RadMapps brings great radiologic knowledge and a deep respect for precision and craftsmanship to its work.